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because you're ready for real change
Soulaire teaches motivational and self-improvement classes every week at the Soulful Journey® Wellness Center located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. However, people can join in from anywhere in the world via the internet. These classes focus on identifying and changing non-productive patterns that keep people stuck in their lives, and replacing them with creative strategies that promote wellness and success. 

Soulful Journey® Life Management Class

The Soulful Journey® Life Management Classes are designed to address some of the areas of life that are most challenging, including: health and weight, finances, relationships, personal management, self-love and the ability to bridge the different areas into a whole life. Learn to identify and change behavior that sabotages your personal and professional success. Be motivated and inspired to set and achieve goals that promote a healthier, happier, you

Soulful Journey® Spiritual Development Class

The Soulful Journey® Spiritual Development Classes are designed to teach you how to change your ordinary life into an amazing life. Learn to become aware of your words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions so you can transform non-productive patterns and learn to stay present in the moment – the only place you can affect change. You will learn real life tools you can implement immediately for self-empowerment and to maintain the positive changes you make.

Soulful Journey® Self-Healing Art Class

Your life is by your design so creatively design yourself.  In this class, learn how to bridge art into everyday life using art as a way to express, heal, change, and transform your life.  Students learn how to integrate their right and left brain into the creative process, as well as using art as a way of spiritual healing.  Art techniques covered include watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, basic drawing and much, much more.

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