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Do you crave balance in your life?

Are you looking for motivation?

Do you feel like you're juggling it all?

Do you seek support to help you push through it all?

This is why you are here. 

Sound like you?

The Soulful Journey® Life Management Classes are designed to address some of the areas of life that are most challenging, including: health, finances, relationships, time/life management, self-love and the ability to bridge the different areas into a whole life. Learn to identify and change behavior that sabotages your personal and professional success. Be motivated and inspired to set and achieve goals that promote a healthier, happier you.

Life Management Classes are a unique opportunity to look at achieving balance in all areas of your life. Each week Soulaire teaches about topics including:


   -   Time/Life Management

   -   Relationship with yourself

   -   Management of food choices

   -   Food planning relative to personal goals


Learn how all of these areas of your life are interconnected, and how to find a balance between them all. 

Enrollment for this course is currently closed due to space limitations

Jump on our waitlist for
 when enrollment re-opens. 

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