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You crave confidence and self-belief.

You ache for REAL connection.

You desire self-love.

You aspire to feel empowered.

And you seek the support of a community to help you push through it all.

This is why you are here. 

The Soulful Journey® Spiritual Development Classes are designed to teach you how to change your ordinary life into an amazing life.

In the next 12 months you can expect to: 

  • Learn to use the One Law of the Universe to your advantage.

  • Become aware of your words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions and where your inconsistencies are

  • Transform non-productive patterns and routines

  • Learn techniques to stay present in the moment – the only place you can affect change.

  • Learn real life tools you can implement immediately to maintain the positive changes you make.

  • And more!

What's included?

  • Weekly 90 minute LIVE Classes taught by Soulaire with Q&A sessions held during the last section of the class.

  • Weekly legwork assignments to learn to apply the principles being taught.

  • A digital copy of the book, BEING by Lynn Young (a reading requirement for the course)

  • Free tools and resources to help track your goals, and successes throughout the course. 

Enrollment is currently closed

Jump on our wait list

for when enrollment re-opens. 

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