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We are a community united by a common theme: we believe there is more to life than just this. We give people permission to laugh and find joy, screw up, and fall in love with their lives, all while giving them tools and support along the way.
Our Story

Over twenty years ago, a group of friends came together searching for something, not sure what. We knew there was more to life than just this. Most of us came from corporate America, or other day jobs that weren’t quite rocking our world. We felt the dissatisfaction of life as we knew it, and we felt there should be something more.  What we discovered through Soulaire's teaching is that we all have one common belief: we deserve to live what we love, and love what we live. And that’s exactly what we have been doing. We challenge each other to believe in ourselves, to know that we are worthy, and to create the life we deserve to have.

Soulful Journey started from humble beginnings in a small building, a rented basement in Hopkins. It’s hard to believe how much we have grown since then. We never dreamed of having a large wellness center of our very own. Finally with a place to land, we have been able to grow our business and connect with businesses of like-minded people. 


Hi. I'm Soulaire.
When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them,


“I’m a motivational expert and I teach people how to become more self aware.”

What I really desire to say is…

“I show people how to take their power back, fall in love with their life and create everything they desire."

And what I really really desire to say is...

I ride my motorcycle, create art, travel, do legos, binge-watch my favorite T.V. shows, and teach classes about loving yourself and your life. I know a secret. The more fun I pour into my work and my entire life, the more money and happiness the universe gives me back. As you’ve probably guessed, helping people to fall in love with their life is what I do best.


I encourage people to courageously be themselves, which can ironically be one of the hardest things that people face.  I have 20+ years of experience of being both a teacher and a student of life. I’ve raised 6 boys and an ex-husband, worked in small companies, and corporate America. I've been a bus driver, a nail technician, a massage therapist, and many other things in between. I’ve even owned a fish store.


I’ve lost 245 pounds, (seriously, check out my before and after). I now own several companies including Soulful Journey, a Spiritual Wellness Center, a non-profit organization and a food truck (because what could be more fun than serving food from a truck)?1 I have a unique perspective on what it takes to find your passions and your joy.

When I’m not teaching classes, coaching my students, or taking pictures of my two adorable dogs, I’m probably planning my next creative project. 

That’s what I do for work (and play).

Interested in learning more about me?

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