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BEING is Soulaire Allerai’s personal journey of questioning her entire life, and searching for that internal wisdom. She realized that making a decision to change was not enough. There had to be action and a passion to discover self.


“I learned that a deep soul search isn’t just about sitting on a rock and contemplating. It’s really about taking your everyday life and learning to balance it with the extraordinary. I’ve had to learn to live my passions and my joys. My book is my life and the spiritual experiences that I’ve had through my intuitive, psychic and channeling experiences. It has really been a process of internal contemplation, external experiences and figuring out what mattered. The book is basically about life, and to discover a more peaceful state of being without feeling guilty or feeling shamed. “G” is a spiritual being that comes to share wisdom about life, here and beyond."


Welcome to the Journey.

Soulaire (Lynn Young)


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