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Energy (a poem)

I have forgotten every detail of the moment,

Yet God is continually flowing toward me.

I know as long as I am on the path,

I will continue to move toward consciousness.

I was awakened to this path and now I am a guest here.

Visiting only for a lifetime, then I return to the universe.

I report to the mass what I have discovered.

I see the uniqueness of my own experience.

No other will have lived as I have.

So on this journey, I am the scout.

I am the pioneer, I am the trailblazer, I am the pilgrim,

I am the entrepreneur,

I am the courageous first; I am the adventurer

For there is only me that lives this life.

No one can do it just like me.

So look out at your life.

See the road you have cut that is only you.

You, too, go forward as an explorer

Seeing this life as only you can see it.

Whatever ourney you choose is but the simple words –

I AM the wind that blows.

I AM the rays that shine.

I AM the song that birds sing.

I AM the candle that dispels the darkness.

I AM the calm in the chaos.

I AM the oneness in the being.

What is this power IAM?

The God Light in all.

So who I AM is a mirror of you.

I see no life.

I only experience life for the soul is of consciousness

And the world is the reflection of us.

To be outside your life is to be outside God’s Light.

When I heard the words,

“Fall into your master self and expand,”

I did not stop to pick at my shortcomings.

I embraced my uniqueness.

The illumination of my spirit began

And I stood in awe

I now understand the power of wisdom.

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