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Dear 2017...

Dear 2017,

I believe this is the year of creation, a year where we have an opportunity to create the whole of our lives, and not just be victims of circumstance. I know that I've kind of slacked on my life and that sometimes I have a hit or miss when I should be making major strides forward. I'm going to make a commitment to you this year that I'm going to be less lazy, and more proactive, do less procrastinating, and be more innovative, less hoarding, and more de-cluttering, less writers block, and more creativity, less words like, "I can't," and more words like, "I can." I’ll do less scrutiny of myself, and be more accepting of myself, less toxic to my body and more honoring of my body, less road blocks, and more opportunity. I’ll stop lying to myself, and be more candid with myself, stop carrying the criticisms, and be more kind to myself.

I promise to give myself lots of rewards for being willing to look at what it is I can change.

2017, I hope you can be patient with me because I will slip up, I will forget, I will feel overwhelmed and I will want to stop. But I promise you, that this year I'm going to create a powerful, dynamic, enthusiastic, and loving life.

I say to all those who have ever felt this, hope is not a thought that fades. Hope is the hidden gem. And when you find it, hold to it. See it as a strength to help you. I may not always see the gem, but I will surround myself this year with people who can help me see mine, and I can help them see theirs.

Thank you, 2017, for the new opportunity to create this life going forward.

With love, hope, determination, strength, balance, and love.


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