The Universe Always Has Your Back (and sometimes that's terrifying)

Do you ever feel like maybe the Universe has forgotten about you? Nothing seems to be working, and everything seems to feel like an uphill battle.

Some of the biggest things I hear from people are:

“What if my words aren’t so positive?”

“What if I’m being negative and emotional?”

“What if my blank canvas isn’t so white?”

“What if I took a cold on?”

What if, what if, what if!

In a world full of “what if’s” it’s amazing how the Universe works. You just never know what the universe is going to bring you, right?


I want to you listen up closely:

If you are the whole of your Universe; if you are the creator of your world; if you are the manifestor of your destiny, that truly means you have to be accountable for the whole of your Universe. And being accountable for all of it means being accountable for each and every thing you are putting out to the Universe, because it does create.

I know, it sounds overwhelming. I think the hardest part of grasping this is because the Universe is enormous, and we are this little tiny speck within that. So many times it’s hard for us to believe that our tiny speck of a life could have a big impact.