Investing In Yourself (sometimes starts with a good bra)

I will start this with a somewhat humiliating story.

Truth be told, I had a bra that looked like I’d had it for 100 years. Ladies, I’m sure you know the ones I’m talking about. I told myself I couldn’t afford new bras, that I was saving my money for a “rainy day.” But that really meant every day was rainy because I didn’t feel good about buying them for myself.

Until one day when we were changing our clothes at a Health Club, a friend of mine happened to notice my bra had zero support.

She asked me, “How the hell do your girls stay in?”

I realized my poor excuse for a bra was offering me no support. And in that moment of humiliation, I realized that by not investing in new bras, I wasn’t supporting myself (at all!). She told me I had to, “honor the girls.” I couldn’t really justify spending that kind of money on such a small piece of fabric that frankly, at that time, nobody was seeing anyway. But I realized that I might be a little on the cheap side, and not really understanding investing in myself. So, with the gentle encouragement of my good friend, she took me over and got me measured for a proper bra fitting. I finally realized that making cheap investments in myself was doing little to help my shape, affecting my mind and my attitude. I can tell you, after getting fitted properly for a good bra, I felt the lift and support on a lot of levels.

Now this may seem kind of dumb, I’m sure any men reading this don’t give a shit, but they should listen up too:

Investing in yourself leads you to look differently at yourself.

So, investing in me (which in this case was buying new bras) led me to look differently at myself. I no longer looked like an old lady with boobs hanging to my naval. I also realized I wasn’t investing in myself anywhere in my life. If I took moments to speak kindly to myself, to see everything I did as an investment in me, I’d feel better about myself and my life, would reflect in