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5 Soulful Tips for Manifesting Abundance

Perhaps you are trying to manifest some cash to fuel your dream, or maybe you’re looking to dig yourself out of some serious financial woes. Whatever it is, remember that abundance truly is all around you and you are connected to an infinite source, ready and willing to deliver whatever it is you are desiring to create.

Simple, right? Well, sometimes it is easier said than done.

I can tell you I started out on this journey pretty broke. I had no money. I pretty much took care of my family. I was working two jobs and felt like I was doing it all but getting nowhere. I wasn't happy and there was one thing I wasn’t doing: I wasn't living my passion.

I had a lot of passions but I didn't want to risk losing my job because, of course, it's important to get paid, take home a paycheck, and do all the things I needed to do to keep things going. I couldn't see leaving my job because the job was a “guarantee.” At least, I thought it was. But what I realized is that it was a guarantee to stay the same, to not change and certainly not to pursue any of my passions.

Well, at least I thought it was…until my “guarantee” went away.

I was “halfway” doing my passions, living my dream. The Universe kept hearing me say, “I’m not ready,” yet the Universe also heard me say, “This is my passion. This is my dream,” and it had to fulfill my passion because the Universe knew I was ready.

Here are my 5 Soulful Tips for Manifesting Financial Abundance:

I decided to go back to college. I’m still making student loan payments, mind you. Rumor has it that when I'm 75, I won’t have to pay my student loan back. Isn’t that funny? It's all good, because going back to college was an investment in me. I invested in what was important…Moi.

What does it look like to invest in yourself, to honor yourself? Maybe it means honoring yourself and buying that pair of running shoes to affirm that exercise is a priority, or investing in your creativity and signing up for an art class.

So, what are you investing in? Are you investing in your world? Are you investing in your life?

Click here to read three easy ways to show the universe you are investing in yourself.

The one thing that I have learned from all of the things I have done is that my words created my world. If I said I was broke, it's amazing how broke I was. If I said I was rich, it's amazing how I'd find $20 somewhere, and money cropping up all over the place. Learning to watch the words that I say out loud, as well as what I say to myself, has really been a game-changer in attracting financial flow.

I try to use positive affirmations like:

“I’m a money magnet!”

“All of my bills are paid.”

When I find myself creating some not so positive things, I practice re-writing my words to make sure I’m being clear with my message to the universe.

3. Pay it forward

One of the things that I do, if I do find extra money, is to always pay it forward. For example, in a fast food line I'll pay for my meal and I'll pay for the person behind me. Mine might be $4.50, theirs is $4.50. I'd have 10 bucks and I'd say to the cashier, "Pay for the person behind me. Have a great day." The Universe then sees that I have money. The next thing you know, the Universe will be delivering exactly what it is that I am putting out.

Later that same day I went into the gas station and the guy at the counter looks at me and says, "You don't owe me anything." I said, "It's $15." He said, "You have some perks money from your rewards card." I had actually earned a little more than $15 so my entire purchase was free.

Paying it forward is probably one of the best ways to help yourself while also helping someone else.

It's amazing how the Universe works. It does have your back in a weird kind of way. You never know when or how it is going to bring it to you, but you do get to decide the “what” and the “why.”

Focus on the ways that the Universe is guiding you, and providing you with exactly what you are putting out. When we are in gratitude for the gifts we are receiving, it allows more flow to come our way. Even when things seem horrible, it could have been a way worse outcome. Learning to trust that the universe has your back can be tricky, and many times people will tell you, “just take a leap of faith!” But my best advice to you is, “don’t leap until you’re ready.”

Most importantly, I recommend that you find like-minded people so you can surround yourself with people that will support your passions and your beliefs. Make it easier on yourself, and surround yourself with people that you know really have your back.

5. Let your Passions Help Guide You

So, the idea is, be passionate about what it is you love to do because that's what drives you to do more. The more you do, the more you get back. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to give it all of your time and energy. When I was transitioning towards changing careers, I wasn't necessarily sinking a lot of time into it. It was just that when I did it, I didn't feel like I was working. It was something I loved to do, something I believed in, and I created it.

And that is the key. If you want to create something, find your passion in it. That passion can be the money maker you're so desperately trying to create with a job that isn’t your passion. The Universe sees it as something you love, and when you love something... guess what? You get more love. Let your passions love you and you love your passions back. That is a guarantee you will be successful.

You just have to remember to be patient with yourself, and change your mindset because your words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions do create. If you sit on your couch, which is an action, it's kind of hard to make money. If you're emotionally beating yourself up, it's kind of hard to make money. If you're feeling a little down, it's hard to make money. If your thoughts are telling you that you're a bad person, it’s hard to make money. Your words create. "You dummy, you can't do that. You're not smart enough"... doesn’t become a money maker with that kind of self-talk.

The point is, if you think rich, feel rich, talk rich, have the emotion and excitement around it, and do things like get up off the couch and take one extra step, I guarantee you will find your passion and your wealth. How it comes to you is up to you.

Just remember, figure out what your passion is. Do that and you're on your way to whatever it is you desire to create.

So, with that, stay healthy, wealthy, and wise.


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