5 Soulful Tips for Manifesting Abundance

Perhaps you are trying to manifest some cash to fuel your dream, or maybe you’re looking to dig yourself out of some serious financial woes. Whatever it is, remember that abundance truly is all around you and you are connected to an infinite source, ready and willing to deliver whatever it is you are desiring to create.

Simple, right? Well, sometimes it is easier said than done.

I can tell you I started out on this journey pretty broke. I had no money. I pretty much took care of my family. I was working two jobs and felt like I was doing it all but getting nowhere. I wasn't happy and there was one thing I wasn’t doing: I wasn't living my passion.

I had a lot of passions but I didn't want to risk losing my job because, of course, it's important to get paid, take home a paycheck, and do all the things I needed to do to keep things going. I couldn't see leaving my job because the job was a “guarantee.” At least, I thought it was. But what I realized is that it was a guarantee to stay the same, to not change and certainly not to pursue any of my passions.

Well, at least I thought it was…until my “guarantee” went away.

I was “halfway” doing my passions, living my dream. The Universe kept hearing me say, “I’m not ready,” yet the Universe also heard me say, “This is my passion. This is my dream,” and it had to fulfill my passion because the Universe knew I was ready.

Here are my 5 Soulful Tips for Manifesting Financial Abundance: