The Truth Behind Self Confidence

Somebody in one of my spiritual development classes asked me, “What are the ingredients of self-confidence?”

I replied, “Well it’s simple…

  1. Don’t give a sh*t.

  2. Do whatever you want and wear whatever you want without a care in the world.

  3. Don’t hide behind anything. Just be yourself.”

This is what the world tells us we’re supposed to do to feel confident, right? But the truth is it’s really an impossible and unobtainable ingredient list.

We can’t not care. We do care. We do give a shit. We care about loved ones. We care about co-workers. Hell, we even care about strangers.

I even had that happen today.

[Confession time]

So there I was, sitting in a waiting room at a salon watching beautiful women walk past me. They’ve got their glam eyelashes that almost touch their friggin’ foreheads, and I felt like they were looking at me saying, “Yes, I know I’m beautiful.”

Watching one woman in particular walk past me with that sort of attitude, I said to myself, “Whatever, bitch.”