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You don't need an excuse to take a day off

Well, here I am—48 hours from leaving on my motorcycle roadtrip to Colorado (gulp!) This is my first big motorcycle roadtrip with my friends, many of us who have ditched corporate America and are embracing the joys of being self-employed. After 30 years of being in a marriage that felt like a botched chemistry experiment (certain things just don’t mix well together), it’s nice to surround myself with people who are embracing life.

I must admit that I’m feeling both excited and a bit nervous at the same time.

For those of you who don’t know me, I must make a confession: I carry a lot of bags. I like to make sure I have all of my things with me at all times, so the prospect of having to downsize to what I can carry on my motorcycle is a bit daunting. I’m packing, running errands, cleaning out my refrigerator (found some very questionable items we won’t mention), and doing all of the things I need to do before leaving for my trip.

Well, that was until this morning.

I can still hear my own words echo in my memory, “Oh, I have so much to get done before the trip. I wish I could have the day off from teaching.” And then BOOM the universe delivered exactly what I put out. I sprained my ankle… literally just WALKING across my bedroom floor. I mean, how is that even possible?!?

Well, I got exactly what I was putting out in my universe, even more overwhelm and a night off from teaching.

This learning lesson came down on me like a sledgehammer. I don’t need to create an excuse to take a night off. I could have just been honest with myself, and honored the fact that I needed a night at home to finish getting ready for my trip. But instead, I created a "really good reason" to have the night off. Hard road.

So many of us find ourselves rushing, trying to squeeze it all in and leaving no moments for ourselves. We make ourselves sick, create things that take us down instead of just giving ourselves moments to breathe.

I hope that you give yourself those moments—whatever those moments are for you, those precious moments that feed you, nurture you—those moments that give you the pause in the storm.

In the meantime, I’m icing my foot.

Love & Light,


P.S. Join me on this road trip! Follow me and my friends on this journey through Colorado for the next two weeks on Instagram and Facebook :)

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