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Keeping the Wind in Your Sails

You’re so excited about your new project/plan/resolution, you can hardly sleep. Millions of ideas whirl in your head. You’re inspired, passionate, and you can hardly keep up with the brilliance spinning out of your brain. This is literally going to be the best thing you've ever done for yourself/your business/your life.

In your mind, this is it.

And then, just as quickly as your rush of brilliance came, your momentum deflates like an old balloon.

Suddenly, you find yourself staring at your piles of what you started. Plans, notes, scribbles, segments of this and that, feeling overwhelmed, stuck… or maybe even bored. The idea of starting this back up is too much to bear.

Friends ask you, “So, how’s it going with your new [insert your new thing]? You seemed so excited last week!” You hang your head in shame.

Maybe you’ve lost your momentum in a new meditation routine or weight loss plan, and you still want to get back on track. Maybe you still feel like your concept is a brilliant idea, and will be amazing, but no matter how hard your try, you just can’t seem to get your mojo back and FINISH it.

If that’s your current state, I feel for you. It’s frustrating when you start a new endeavor feeling like an Olympic sprinter, only to drag to a screeching halt a few days later. But I’m here to tell you, it IS possible to reignite your motivation and get the wind back in your sails.

But I’m also here to tell you that no one is going to blow the wind in your sails but you (dammit). At the end of the day, you are the one who has to feed it and keep it alive. It’s one thing to build an idea, but it’s quite another to keep it afloat and moving forward, especially when things get rocky.

When you don’t feed your spirit, it dies out. When you don’t feed your dreams, they die out. When you don’t feed your relationships, they die out. When you don’t feed your creativity, it dies out. When you don’t feed whatever “your thing” is, it will eventually go away-- it will not survive.

So the question is, if you’re struggling, what are you doing to feed your dream/idea/plan/thing?

I will share a story with you. I had a dear friend who bought a Bonsai plant. He had all the dreams in the world of becoming a gardener, but I swear I could feel the fear from the plant going home with him. He invested in all the books to learn how to take care of them, the pruning shears, whatever tools he needed. He had all the right intentions, but his pattern is to neglect any little plants he takes home with him. You see, this is not the first time I’ve witnessed this endeavor. Needless to say, several months later I ended up taking the plant to my house to resuscitate it back to health. Now, I could try to motivate him, put the wind back in his sails, tell him he can do it. But even if I blow on his sails, that ship isn’t going very far for very long. Why?

I believe he was pushing the wrong dream into the wrong endeavor.

Not everyone has a green thumb. Sometimes we look at someone else and think we’re going to do exactly what they do. The truth is, you can’t just find a dream. You have to find your passion within it that feeds it.

The friend I’m talking about happens to be a chef, so I encouraged him to grow a garden full of fresh herbs and vegetables that he could use for cooking. I also set him up with someone to help care for the garden with him (and she is a gardener!) Now his dreams of gardening not only had a practical purpose, but it also helped fuel his passion towards food.

After a season of gardening, I asked him again what he desired to do. His new dream was to now have a food truck that served farm-to-table foods. Now that was a dream that for him he could continue to fuel. (Believe it or not, we have now gone into business and purchased a food truck together! The two of us can help fuel the dream for each other. (You can follow our food truck journey HERE!)

So, what I think he’s learned from this endeavor is that a small dream might not be your real dream. Maybe that dream is just part of the journey towards finding your real passions, the bigger vision for yourself. It’s not some big failure, it’s part of the process of moving closer to figuring out ourselves, and what makes us happy.

The truth is, at some point we have to learn to blow the wind in our own sails, but we’re going to need help along the way. Sometimes our boat will get off course, and we need someone to help navigate. Sometimes you can’t get enough wind, so you need help paddling.

For those of you who are currently struggling to stay on track with your life, this is exactly why I’m working to create a membership program tailored to whatever it is you are working on. Imagine every week getting an email sent straight to your inbox to help keep you on track, to send you some positive encouragement, to put some wind back in your sails so to speak. We’ll even have a private forum to talk with like-minded peeps for only a couple bucks a month! The goal is to have a place to come and help feed your dreams.

Details for this are coming soon, so for now I would encourage you to sign up so you can be part of our pilot testing for this! [Sign up to be a part of our pilot testing for the membership program here]

My hope is that this will help you in moving forward with whatever it is you truly desire.

Love & Light,


PS. Don’t forget that you’re amazing and you can have it all [watch this Youtube video here]

PPS. Spontaneously invite someone to do something with you and share your dream with them. It doesn't have to be a trip to Tahiti. It can be a meal. A walk. A hug. Explore a new corner of your hometown. Go make some memories and share your dreams so others can help hold them for you.

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