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*NEW Podcast Series* #GettingRealWithSoulaire

Well, friends. I finally did it. I've started a podcast series!

Honestly, this was something I never dreamt I’d be doing. I didn't even really know what a podcast was when people started asking me to do them! But hey, I'm game ;)

These episodes are made with those dearest to me. 100% Unfiltered. 100% Dedicated to serving you the unsugarcoated truth. We’re sitting in front of a LIVE audience having real (and sometimes explicit) conversations about whatever it is that’s currently going on in our lives, and well… the world.

These episodes are still unfolding, but here’s what they're about:

The truth is, I’m tired of treading lightly in this world. Walking on eggshells. I’m tired of the bullshit. We desire to make a real impact in this world but of course we know it has to start with ourselves, our own personal lives. It’s not about anything other than myself, talking with real people about real life issues we have to deal with. We’re here to cry together, to laugh together, whatever it is, we’re here. We’re talking about it all- and you’re invited to listen in.

It’s time to get real about who we are, our society, our life, our journey, our spiritual, our non-spiritual, our emotional, whatever it takes to get real about our lives. We’re #gettingrealwithsoulaire

Fair warning: these are adult conversations. Grab a pair of headphones if you have children or are at work. If you have a delicate disposition, I’m not really the person to tune into.

Listen to my podcast trailer here on Spotify or iTunes.

We’ve dropped the first few episodes, so catch them while they’re fresh.

- Episode 1: Attitude of Gratitude (Listen here on Spotify or iTunes)

- Episode 2: A Conspiracy Theorist & a Stripper (Listen here on Spotify or iTunes)

- Episode 3: Art of You (Listen here on Spotify or iTunes)

Wherever you are, whether you’re driving, washing dishes, sitting at your desk, buckle up and be prepared for whatever topic we decide to talk about.

We’re getting real and honest about everything.

Love & Light,


P.S. Be sure to follow #GettingRealWithSoulaire on whatever your favorite place to listen to podcasts are.

If you like what you hear, the best way to support us is by leaving a positive review and clicking "Follow" ;)

P.P.S. Whatever creative endeavor you’ve been putting off or thinking about—set aside the moments to push it into action. Remember, big changes start with tiny steps.

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