Spreading Compassion (not Coronavirus)

I want to send out some love during this incredibly chaotic and stressful time in our world. I know many of you are scrambling to deal with a lot right now, possibly more than any of us could ever imagine and health and safety always comes first. We’re shuffling jobs, taking care of children, elderly parents, facing possible economic hardships, and so many unknowns. So how do we not panic over things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer?

So here’s my recommendations:

Keep our emotions in check. Our emotion has gone airborne people, and it’s spreading with every encounter. Trust me, I got hip-checked by a lady at Hyvee over a bottle of hand-sanitizer this week—Yes, the virus is scary, but it’s the emotional people that are terrifying! So what do we do? How do we keep our emotions in check so we don’t fall apart? Well, we could try to build a bunker, and a perfect sterile environment for ourselves, a “containment field” so to speak. We could aggressively sterilize anyone who crosses our path (I tried that, but then my dog threw up on my sparkling clean floor).

Or we can be logical.

Just as we would respond to a hurricane or big storm headed our way, there are precautions we take, right? It’s not like we stand out in the middle of a storm and say, “Hey, come and get me!” We stay indoors, we take shelter. We take the advice of our local officials. We rally with our local community and do what we can to help one another.

Laugh. I met a guy at Target, and we made eye-contact amidst the panic around us. I said, “This is crazy, isn’t it?” He laughed and said, “No, this is insane!” We shared a moment of humor about the fear around us. We have to keep laughing, otherwise we’d be crying. I’m not saying to not take it seriously, but I would encourage us all to share a bit of lightheartedness about the situation with one another. A little bit of laughter goes a long way. Don’t spread fear- spread the fun of it. We’re in this together, like it or not.

Make a positive impact. Just as easily as we can spread the coronavirus, and panic, we can also spread good things. We have the ability to impact one another in very powerful and positive ways. I saw another woman in the store panicking about only having one box of toilet paper, I looked at her and smiled and said, “Wow! I’m so glad they had that box just for you.” In that moment, her face lit up, and she realized she did have a box. Instead of being in the panic-mode, it’s helping each other be in gratitude and seeing the gifts we all have.

Stay educated. If there’s anything I’ve learned in not panicking- it’s about keeping ourselves educated. There’s a lot of false information out there, so how do we sift through the noise? Don’t believe every single thing you hear or read on the internet. We have to fact-check, talk to our local resource centers. You might find that you’re actually in a location that’s at “low risk,” so it’s figuring out how to help keep it that way!

Be Proactive. When you do have to venture out, bring your own hand-sanitizer (or antibacterial solution) with you! Instead of relying on the stores to provide them for you, bring your own. That way, if they run out- you’re not panicking and in the driver’s seat.

Stay Mindful. I think for all of us it’s learning to be more mindful in not only what we’re doing (like washing our hands and social distancing), but it’s