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A Message from the Higher Self

I remember I was sitting at my vanity mirror.

I have this little round lightup mirror and I was sitting in front of it doing my mascara at the time. I hadn’t been feeling very well that day, and I thought perhaps putting on a little makeup and “acting as if” might help lift my spirits.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move, so I turned my head quickly to look out the window. When I looked back at the mirror I saw the side of my face still looking out the window.

Now I know this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie or an episode of Supernatural and trust me it freaked me out! I kept trying to repeat the event, like if I turned my head fast enough I would somehow “catch it” again. But I couldn’t recreate it, and I couldn’t explain it. Was I going crazy?

So I thought about it and I remembered that earlier in the day I had been asking the universe for clarity around why I wasn’t feeling well. Funny thing was that immediately after it happened, my pain went away and I was feeling a lot better. Of course I tried to rationalize it away, but I had been actively seeking clarity, and maybe this was it.

What I have come to learn is that there truly is a greater Divine part of myself, kind of like a “higher self.” A part of me that’s more objective. As soon as I started acknowledging it, I started to see more and more evidence of it in my everyday life. It wasn’t like I was continuing to have out of body experiences or anything, but I did start to notice that I was getting answers for myself faster. I was starting to listen to those first knowings within myself better and better.

I’ve come to believe that there is a greater Divine Part of ourselves that moves exponentially faster than our mental and physical self. I like to think of it as moving at the speed of light.

Afterall, it’s those “first knowings” that are right choice, but we tend to think and rationalize ourselves right out of them (and then of course regret it later!) It’s almost like we have two intelligences. One is our mind intelligence, but the other is our heart intelligence (something waaay faster than my mind!) I truly believe that my heart intelligence was telling me, I’m here and I’m here to help guide you.”

There’s all these elements to who we are. We are physical, we are the mind, we are emotional, we are spiritual, but what if there is something that we’re all connected to? Like an epicenter to which we all connect that helps us to see things objectively and more clearly.

If we all have this objective intelligence, a wise part of ourselves that helps guide us to our right path, we must all have more in common that what we believe, especially in a time where we are finding ourselves so divided amongst one another.

In one of my recent podcasts we unpack this topic deeper, feel free to listen in here:

LINK TO PODCAST HERE (fair warning, adult language is used)

Cheers to tuning in and finding your clarity,


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