Always for highest good and great ease

I will start by sharing a story of mine with you.

I was sitting in a restaurant I visited daily with my best friend and sister. They had an amazing breakfast special called “The Tremendous Twelve.” Of course our intention was to split the monstrous meal. The down side to that was that the cook knew us because we came in everyday and the guy always gave us way more food than the meal should have been.

I remember sitting there and looking down at the plate.

Now you have to know that I was extremely overweight at the time (at about 425 pounds… check out my before and after pictures). I was declaring to both my sister and my friend that there were only two ways I’d ever lose weight: 1) If they wired my jaw shut so I couldn’t eat, or 2) if I had gastric bypass surgery. At the time, neither one was really appealing to me, but the thoughts, words, feelings and emotions around it still went out to the universe.

After we left the restaurant, we headed back to my friend’s house who was very upset about moving from her home of 20 years into a smaller apartment. I decided to help her and do what I could. We were sitting in the office and I noticed in the corner that there was a Nordic Track sitting there. My friend was a little lost. She wasn’t really sure what to do because she was so emotional about moving. So I of course took charge and started directing things.

“Move that Nordic Track out to the truck!,” I said, which was just outside the front door.

I then marched over and picked up the computer monitor, which was a 21-inch monstrosity that looked like an old TV set (not a flat screen, but one of those old really big ones.) As a matter of fact, it was so big I couldn’t see over the top of it. As I started to walk down the hallway into the living room to take it out to the truck, I was unaware that my friend had set the Nordic Track down, slightly blocking the doorway in the living room. I tripped over it and all 425 pounds of me went airborne.