People Don't Have to Like You (and that's okay)

Uncomfortable truth for you today.

This one is for all of us who have ever been approval seeking, people pleasing, brown-nosing, kissing uppers (yup, I think we can all say we’ve been there)

Here’s my thoughts on the bullshit myth of being likeable:

People don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to care. It’s a choice.

I know, I know. We’ve all lived our entire lives for others, we’re soul-seeking empathic givers afterall. The myth is that to be a spiritual being you have to be a fluffy fruitcake, but the truth is we really are more like warriors for the light. We have to be strong enough to stand up for ourselves, disagree and push against the matrix of a sleeping world.

Let me explain:

You’ll never be able to feed your soul by trying to collect approval from other people.

It’s like an addiction to failing because it will never be enough. That’s a lose-lose game and you’ll never win. I get it though, to our core we want to be loved. And yes, we might want people to like us, but they don’t HAVE to. And what they think of you and your opinions really doesn’t matter. You can’t make someone feel bad, that’s their choice.

If people don’t like me, I’m okay with that. It’s taken some years of practice to get “thick skinned.” And yes, sometimes I find myself back in an old, repeated pattern of allowing it to affect me, and other times I couldn’t care less. It’s honestly an ongoing process of loving myself enough to not care (and instead care about those things that really do matter).