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Life get’s hard; it get’s messy and unpredictable and often feels like it’s just too much. Throughout my life I have felt that way multiple times, and that is the reason I went on the search for tools and asked for help to get back in the driver’s seat of my life. I learned so many lessons from so many people in my life, and now I can share them with you in a self-paced environment.  You can learn and implement the tools at your own pace in your own structure of life. If you’re ready to take the reins of your life, and decide where you’re going, this is the place for you.  


I will show you a 5 step process to recognize the problems that are plaguing you and give you tools to Expose, Reclaim, take Accountability, Command/Create, and use of Energy to change it. It's at your own pace, whether it takes a week, or a day, the process is simple and doable. 

Coming Soon


This is a beginners class in the first step of reclaiming your life, and utilizing your words and creative energy in a way that gets you back in your drivers seat.   $--

Coming Soon


I'll walk you through the first chapter of my newly released book including worksheets, deep dives and excerpt readings from me, Soulaire. $---

Coming Soon

I will eventually have multiple payment methods available to fit whatever situation you are in, however as we build the online content, we will have an a la carte price. Eventually we will provide packages, monthly access to all classes, and yearly access.

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