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Giving us the opportunity to connect

to a higher part of ourselves.




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There are many benefits to meditating and many ways to do so. 

Sometimes sitting quietly for just a moment and focusing on your breath can help you reconnect to yourself, step out of the stress and find that state of inner calm. This can lead to a proactive, solution-based momentum. 

KunRai® Walking Meditation is learning to stay in a state of balance and peacefulness as one walks. When doing this you are able to remain attached to self in your environment without reacting to it, maintaining a state of nirvana or peacefulness. It is meditating while being conscious of one's environment at all times.


I have designed my guided meditations to be used as walking mediation or as a typical meditation, quietly sitting with eyes closed. Sometimes my mind wanders too, so I'm hoping these meditations will give people the opportunity to follow along and visualize that space of peace, that space of beauty that lies within us, that gives one the opportunity to connect to a higher part of oneself. 


So listen to them while working out, while going for a walk or simply sitting in your favorite chair. You don't have to be sitting cross legged with your eyes closed to find a state of connection.

Inner Sanctuary

Connect to Spirit with "G"

Leave Chaos Behind

Power of Joy

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