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KunRai® energy is used by many ancient cultures. Some cultures originally called it kundalini fire which is found and referenced in yoga as a primal energy, or Shakti, that is found at the base of the spine. This is where the birth of the seven chakras was born and this is also where we part ways. I’ve come to learn through the practice of KunRai® that we must encompass the earth fire “Kuna” that is part of the kundalini and the power of One True Light Consciousness which we call “Rai”, which uses the nine chakras of KunRai® starting at the bottoms of the feet to the auric field that encompasses the entire body.

KunRai® energy is used in many different types of healing such as KunRai®  Reiki, KunRai® Yoga, KunRai® Breathing, KunRai® Meditation, and KunRai® Loci.


KunRai®  Reiki

KunRai® Reiki is a healing modality that creates a connection between Reiki of today and Reiki of ancient times. KunRai® Reiki is an enlightened art that transforms the use of higher KunRai® energy. The healer then calls on the higher state of one true light consciousness energy, for the highest source and highest good of the healer and person being healed. While this is in no way a replacement for traditional medicine, it is a healing technique where KunRai® Reiki is channeled through the palms of the practitioner to the client by means of touch and intention. This activates the natural healing process of the client's body and restores physical and emotional well-being.

KunRai®  Yoga

KunRai® Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit with One True Light Consciousness. Yoga is about creating balance in the body through strength and flexibility and the power of KunRai® energy. This is done through the performance of poses, posture and breathing techniques that have specific physical and spiritual benefits while also developing a sense of KunRai® Walking Meditation, driving one to a higher state of nirvana.

KunRai®  Loci (loh-sigh)


KunRai® Loci (loh-sigh) invokes a state of walking meditation. In this state of peacefulness one calls on their highest source for their highest good. Some may see this as a style of Qigong or Tai Chi.  However, this invokes a different energy with the intention of bringing a true state of awakened enlightenment.

KunRai®  Meditation


KunRai® Meditation is a practice and technique designed to promote relaxation, build internal life force and develop gratitude, compassion, truth, patience, connection, serenity, forgiveness, faith and love in one’s life. This ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustaining a deep connection and relationship with yourself and One True Light Consciousness.

KunRai® Walking Meditation is learning to stay in a state of balance and peacefulness as one walks. When doing this you are able to remain attached to self in your environment without reacting to it, maintaining a state of nirvana or peacefulness.

KunRai®  Breathing

KunRai® Breathing technique is a way for one to develop a deeper state of awakening through Kunri (Breath in), Kundai (Breath hold) and Kundee (Breath out) while also incorporating various mudras and poses.

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