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Soulful Journey Challenge Coin

SKU 0002


12 Coins

The Soulful Journey® Challenge Coin represents our life challenges. Both the things we have overcome and the things we have yet to face. If you've received this coin, know that someone believes in you and your ability to thrive.


Each Coin comes in a protective sleeve with a card that has the above description.


I was first introduced to Challenge Coins through Harley Davidson. I was told they were traditionally used as token to signify you had to buy the next round of drinks. I no longer drink so personally, I just really like how they looked and I purchased one. On a bike trip in Colorado I met a first responder who asked if I had a Challenge Coin after noticing I was a Harley Rider. We exchanged coins, and the one he gave me represented all the lives of his fellow first responders that died in the line of duty. They were in the middle of a bike ride that was in honor of them. From that moment I realized that a Challenge Coin could also be about recovery. It’s to let you know that you will survive, and you will thrive. That you are not alone and somebody is recognizing that. So this is my version. I love giving them to people as a remembrance of whatever they have been through, so that they know, whatever hardship they have experienced, “You are not alone.”


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2" Wide high polished silver coin with rope cut edge and epoxy paint. Coin weighs 1.8oz and is contained in a PVC envelope with paper description.


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