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Grab Our Free 5-Step Guide and Get Started Reclaiming Your Life

We are Soulful Journey.
We are a community united by a common theme: we believe there is more to life than just this. We give people permission to laugh, find joy, screw up, and fall in love with their lives, all the while giving them tools and support along the way.

Soulful Journey® Podcast

Getting Real With Soulaire

Soulaire Allerai is here to break the walls of societal constructs and self-imposed fabrications. There’s not much she won't talk about and there’s not much she hasn’t experienced. Lucky for us, the topics reflect exactly that. Soulaire is all about keeping it real and often records her podcasts in front of a live audience. Getting Real with Soulaire is a Soulful Journey® Production.

Soulful Journey® Blog

I'm Soulaire Allerai, founder of Soulful Journey. I encourage people to be courageously themselves, which can be ironically one of the hardest things that people face. ​



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This guide will walk you through 5 simple steps you can immediately begin using to reclaim your life. 

This short meditation is designed to help walking you through taking the chaos from your day and transforming it into calm.

What is a Soulful Journey® Challenge Coin?

The Soulful Journey® Challenge Coin represents our life challenges. Both the things we have overcome and the things we have yet to face. If you've received this coin, know that someone believes in you and your ability to thrive.

If you're interested in purchasing coins, head over to our online shop HERE!

If you're interested in sharing your experience of receiving or giving a coin, we'd love to hear it!

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